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This website contains sensitive and high demand information so closely guarded that it could get me banned from the industry!


In This website you will have access to personal and direct point of contact information for asset managers who are responsible for assigning REO listings to agents throughout the country.


You will also be given access to a system of tools and techniques that have CONSISTENTLY proven to produce REO listings results... EVERYTIME


Simply put………. This website will change your life


The REO Rainmaker is the most powerful Real Estate (REO) Agent information, education, and transformation blueprint on the internet today.


The tools and information being offered on this site are the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars spent in locating the most influential decision makers (Asset Managers) in the REO industry today.


The REO Rainmaker is the ultimate blueprint to efficiently and effectively gain direct access Asset Managers and key REO Industry decision makers across the country. This website contains ground breaking tools and techniques that until now have never been shared.


I have developed and tested the most effective strategies and techniques for obtaining REO listings and am now sharing those today with the real estate world.


too late


ABSOLUTELY NOT!....Never EVER has there been a better time for real estate agents to start relationships with banks and asset managers and start listing homes in their inventory. Contrary to popular belief, banks continue to hire agents in all US locations . There has been a wave of new servicers that have entered the game who have just started actively recruiting and hiring on agents. How do I know this?... Because im LIVING PROOF


You will have the opportunity to get INSTANT access to the same DIRECT CONTACT METHOD and REO RESUME BUILDER that in a very short period of time has yielded MASSIVE RESULTS with numerous banks and REO servicers.




ABSOLUTELY... But you must take action NOW.


WHO AM I ?...AND WHY AM I about to grant  you access to this information?

Hello everybody…… for now let me introduce myself as AGENT X.


I'm not thrilled about starting a business relationship off anonymously but with the information and products I'm about to share with you I think you will understand why there really is no other way to do it.


agent X

While my success did not come overnight but I can say that it did come much faster than I ever thought possible. I can attribute this 100% to the extensive research I did and the game changing tools that I developed.


If you asked me right after I was assigned my first REO listing if I would ever reveal  my methods, strategies and results I used to anyone? …..I would say to you….HELL NO!


After all, I had spent thousands on REO Seminars and travel fees and the better part of 2 years getting to the point I was at. This was my blood sweat and tears that I poured into this mission and I wasn’t about to share this with anybody. If I was to tell somebody how to do this, I had this intense fear that one day they would start cutting into my business or even worse it could get out that I was leaking out asset managers confidential contact information I would lose everything!


Inevitably I came to the conclusion that for now it was best to keep my system and asset manager contact list to myself.


Fast forward several months…..As time passed the techniques and tools that I used to land my first REO account became even more refined and polished. Account after account and listing after listing my business grew to a point I would of never thought imaginable.


This is when I had an epiphany…I couldn’t  possibly list every home in every state and in every city and county. I could barely handle my own county. That leaves a massive void of unchartered territories where I have contacts and tools that would work just as well in other states and counties as it did in my own area.


I also concluded that there were throngs of agents across the United States in every major and minor city who would love nothing more than to work with the banks and asset managers I already have relationships with but don’t have the know how or financial resources that I was fortunate enough to have.


What if I could recover my research investment and really “pay it forward” by helping other agents located throughout the country realize their dream to list REO properties?..................................




reo rainmaker

What you are seeing above are the keys to your REO listings future.


In the course of my REO quest I have come to identify the 3 CRITICAL ELEMENTS THAT YOU MUST HAVE IN PLACE TO give the Asset Managers exactly what they want to be able to have any chance at all to get listings.


Now after countless REO industry seminars, Hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars spent. We have come up with what we consider to be the greatest Asset manager LIST ever assembled and at this poin the ONLY one for that matter!





After 2 years+ of extensive and thorough research I introduce to you the ASSET MANAGER GOLD LIST.


Make no mistake….. this list is nothing like any other list  that you may have seen or purchased on any other site. These sites pedal worthless Bank and Asset manager information that can be found on any internet search if you look hard enough. What im offering has NEVER been made available to Real Estate Agents and Brokers………..UNTIL NOW.


The NATIONAL ASSET MANAGER GOLD LIST gives you  the names of the top 300 most influential Bank Managers and REO Company Asset Managers across the United States . These are the Asset Managers who are directly responsible  for liquidating Bank assets through agents listing referrals.


The National Asset Manager Gold List gives you:

  • The Asset Managers First and Last name as well as the company they represent
  • The Asset Managers unlisted company phone number and direct private extension
  • The Asset Managers unlisted personal company email address


This list was built from my personal business contacts as well as from other top producing REO agents across the nation whom I met at REO events and “traded” information with.


I took the attendance roster for every major REO industry event that I attended and retained a “ people finder” investigation service to assist me in getting each of the these Asset Managers “work contact” information.


While this wasn't cheap, it most certainly proved to be one of the most effective techniques ive ever employed to yield rock solid insider REO executive contact information.


I can't tell you how instrumental this list has been for growing my REO business from “struggling just to get one REO listing” to a major “REO listing powerhouse” in my county.


The asset manager gold list is by far the most complete and definitive guide of asset managers and bank REO agent recruiters ever assembled.


If your County or surrounding cities contain any REO listings you will most certainly find the asset manager that represents that property on this list….. It's that powerful.


So what you think a list like this would be worth to you? Recently I located a website that was charging between $275-$500 for just one name! And I'm sure somebody probably paid it realizing that if you get one lucky break that your life as you know it will be change forever. But you will get this list for only a small fraction of the cost.


Before continuing on, what I would like to do is to take a moment to contemplate something that was crucial and what I believe proved to be instrumental in my ultimate success. This is the fundamental REO agent truth the kept me going in my drive to become successful in this business…

And this is what I call the “REO LISTING AGENT MANTRA":


By implementing the tools







Included in your package is The Custom Designed REO RAINMAKER RESUME TEMPLATE.


It is absolutely crucial that you  have  a spectacular resume that clearly sets you apart.


Well the REO RAINMAKER RESUME TEMPLATE was designed with two thoughts in mind…..


BLOW AWAY ASSET MANAGERS and Blow Away Your competition!





This simple to use- Fully Automated 4 PAGE COLOR - Fill In The Blank -custom resume maker delivers the professional image and polished look that’s so vital for being noticed in this business.


We all know what a daunting task sitting down and writing a resume is. “What to say?” and “how to say it?” on a resume proves challenging even for  the most advanced writers.


THE REORM RESUME TEMPLATE gives you a resume that has already been cleverly written for you!  You will get a resume that’s chalk full  of important Real Estate Agent  key words and phrases that you will decide to keep/modify/or delete to fit your current situation.


But what makes this resume even better is that the Colors, fonts, Shapes, and  Images have been brilliantly layed out for you to produce a truly visually stunning REO RESUME MASTERPIECE.


This exact same resume prototype has already proven to be instrumental in launching  REO careers  as well as quick income BPO’s (See Testimonials).


But what if you want to do this yourself?


To PROFESSIONALLY write and design a stunning resume you are looking at minimally :


$200+ Graphics Designer : to organize the layout, and structure

$300+ Copy Writer : To put together the information you give them



Not only do you get the resume template but you will also get a resume sample done in the exact same format as reference.


Now the answer to the million dollar question…..What if I have little to no REO experience to put on my resume?


My reply to you is…..  ”IT DOES NOT MATTER.”….. How do I know this?…..


Because when I started out  I was in the same boat! I made the HUGE mistake of listening to my Office Colleagues as well as my conscience  for years that would always cite my lack of experience as the reason why I wouldn’t and shouldn’t get into this REO business.


THAT MISTAKE COST ME SO MUCH LOST TIME AND LOST INCOME  that I can never get back and I regret that immensely!  DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE and talk yourself out of it because of “Experience”.


I have a revelation for you…this is the same revelation that I had that helped me get over the perceived “experience” obstacle.


This is a universal truth that  EVERY SINGLE REO LISTING AGENT  shares with one another….Know what it is???


Let me share it with you…”EACH AND EVERY AGENT  THAT HAS EVER LISTED A REO PROPERTY  HAD TO START SOMEWHERE”………. So let your “Somewhere” start here!


BUT THAT’S NOT ALL….You also get


I am going to give you the exact contact methods and frequency of delivery  that I implemented  to get my first listing In a simple easy to understand daily calendar format.


I explain EXACTLY how to approach these asset managers by Phone, E-mail, and Fax and give you sample scripts that work and have already proven successful (See testimonials).


These are techniques I have personally used to get business and I will teach you my techniques and methods to bring you massive results in this business.


For those who may be a little shy, I have also created an

e-mail drip system that is a literal REO listing magnet for

those that execute the easy to follow plan.






  • The National Asset Manager Gold List
  • The REO Rainmaker Resume Template
  • The 90 Day Action Plan


What would a list be worth to you that can maybe bring you 1,2, 5,10,25 extra escrow closes a year with REO LISTINGS?




Well I'm not done giving you as much as I possibly can. If you purchase today you will be GUARANTEED the following bonus ( A $299 Value)


If you purchase NOW I'm going to give you an exclusive membership to the following Asset Management Company :




This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a New National Asset Management company that’s currently recruiting REO agents across the country.


If you have been tempted to buy a membership to one of the many sites that charges a monthly fee and claims “Asset managers regularly search their site for agents to GIVE away REO listings”…DON’T BELIEVE IT! For several years I sunk $1000’s of dollars in fees on these sights and NEVER received even ONE listing!  DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE KINDS OF SITES.



At no cost we are going to give you access to an  “invitation only” LIFETIME membership to an exclusive asset management company www.platinumreos.com that’s currently being marketed to asset managers today.


Were not going to promise you listings, but we are going to say that this is a ground floor opportunity to be part of something special.


You will be given the opportunity to become an exclusive listing agent in your territory and county.


SPACE IS LIMITED and this BONUS offer will be immediately removed from this website omce these positions have been filled.


So now you will be get INSTANT ACCESS to the following  :


  • The National Asset Manager Gold List
  • The REO Rainmaker Resume Template
  • The 90 Day Action Plan... AND
  • Lifetime Membership to www.platinumreos.com


You will get INSTANT ACCESS to all (4) Items


For the low price of only $97



And rest assured - there are no ongoing payments, no monthly fees, no percentages paid on the REO listings you receive.


Time is of the essence. I can not stress enough how crucial it is for you to take action now while the opportunity to break into the REO business is the best its ever been.




As you begin applying to Banks and REO Asset Management firms you will inevitably start receiving BPO requests/solicitations in your email inbox.


BPO’s are an excellent way to make fast short term income and are also an excellent way to hone your valuation skills.  They pay on average $50-$85 per BPO  and its  not uncommon to be assigned  2- 5 of these a week (Conservatively).


By accepting and completing several  BPO requests  a week you will EASILY  pay for the cost of this RAINMAKER PROGRAM the first day.

Some of the agents that have purchased this program have gone on to make a “nice” living on BPO income alone up to $25k-$50k PT (See testimonials).


There is a tremendous demand for agents who are knowledgeable about values in their local markets. Included in THE REO Rainmaker’s “NATIONAL ASSET MANAGER GOLD LIST”  is also a contact list of the “TOP 5 BPO Companies”  in the Nation.


Why only 5? Well these 5 companies dominate the Nations BPO volume and hold a nearly 95% market share ! You will get the vital contact information for each of the 5 BPO companies (Including regional managers names and numbers) so you can immediately start earning weekly income (see testimonials).


REO Rainmaker